Monday, September 15, 2014

Wielding the Sword of Scripture

"Take... the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God."
Ephesians 6:17

The Christian life is a battle against the power of darkness in our lives. To help us in the fight of faith, God has given us a sword to wield. The Christian who will fight sin in his life and advance the cause of Christ through missions and evangelism must learn to take up and use this powerful weapon given to us by God. 

Here are seven ways to take up and use the Sword of Scripture in your life.

1. Read the Word of God daily.
Make it a top priority to spend at least a few minutes each day reading the Bible. A few verses is better than reading nothing. Reading a chapter is better than a few verses. Reading several chapters is better still. The point is, you must read the Bible if you are going to learn to deploy the Bible in your life.

2. Read the Bible systematically.
While there is value in making random selections for daily Bible reading, a better course of action is to have a definite plan. A number of reading plans are available, the easiest thing to do is pick a book of the Bible you are interested in and start reading it at chapter 1. Keep reading day by day, as many chapters as you'd like or have time for, until you finish the book. After you finish, pick another book and do the same thing.

3. Read the Bible observantly.
As you are reading, underline verses that are meaningful or significant to you .Circle or highlight words and phrases that jump out at you. Get a notebook and jot down notes, thoughts, questions, and reflections that come from your reading. Pay attention to what is in the text and ask questions like: Who is speaking? What is the main idea? When is this taking place? Where are these events occurring? Why does the author write this particular sentence?

4. Read the Bible meditatively.
Don't simply read the Bible and forget what you've read. Memorize a verse or two. Think about it all through the day. Reflect on what you've read. 

5. Read the Bible in community.
Get into a small group Bible study or Sunday School class and study Scripture with some friends. Meet with a friend over coffee to discuss what you've been reading and learning from Scripture. 

6. Read the Bible prayerfully.
Ask God to speak through His Word. Ask Him to give you understanding and insight into Scripture. Ask God to help you believe and obey what you've read.

7. Read the Bible obediently.
Put the Bible into practice and be a "doer of the Word" (James 1:22).

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