Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye Texas, Hello Illinois

On Sunday, June 28, I will preach my last sermon as pastor of Longview Missionary Baptist Church.

I have accepted the pastorate of Tremont Baptist Church in Tremont, Illinois.

I love my LMBC family and will miss them deeply. I have been honored to serve as their pastor for 6 years and on pastoral staff for three years before becoming pastor. But I believe God is leading me to a new ministry. This is a bitter-sweet time for me. I am sad to leave so many people I love. But I am excited at the new possibilities and oportunites in Tremont. Following God's will for our lives may not be easy, but it is always exciting and obedience is always the best choice to make.

Please pray for Longview MBC and their search for a new pastor. Pray also for Tremont Baptist as they prepare to receive us. And pray for my family as we make the move and transition.


Neal Pumphrey said...


I have confidence that you are following God and He will bless your move. Your family is in my prayers.
Just don't turn to the Cubs.

Noah D. Lee said...


The allure of the dark side is strong. :-)

GW said...

Are you getting prepared to be 200 miles from the nearest glass of sweet tea? God Bless you and your family in the move.

Noah D. Lee said...

Hey Bill, I actually found sweet tea in Illinois. I am most worried about Mexican food. The further north of the Red River you go, the worse it gets. I've already google searched Illinois for Mexican restaurants. Not looking good. Pray for us!!! :-)