Friday, December 5, 2008

10 Ways to Discourage Your Husband in Ministry

10. Keep your home messy (or frighteningly neat!).
9. Gossip with him.
8. Don't tell him how much you appreciate him. Instead, complain.
7. Criticize him.
6. Don't forgive him.
5. Don't help him.
4. Never submit without a fight.
3. Keep him celibate.
2. Commit adultery.
1. Fall away from the faith.

(from Matthias Media magazine, The Briefing, November 2008 issue)


Noah D. Lee said...

Just a note to let everyone know this is not directed to my wife. She is a wonderful pastor's wife. I couldn't ask for better. I am tremendously blessed by her.

jasonsheffstall said...

Interesting thoughts!