Monday, December 8, 2008

Sin and Pleasing God

I'm reading R.C. Sproul's book Pleasing God and finding it very encouraging and helpful.

Here are two quotes I especially appreciate:

As an accuser of God's people, Satan can disguise himself as the Holy Spirit and bury us in a quagmire of moral confusion. He can make us feel good when we should feel guilty and make us feel guilt when we should be at peace. (p. 103)


We please God when we resist temptation and do not sin. Certainly part of our maturing in the Lord is to do this more and more. But we do sin, again and again, and as we grow in the Lord we become even more conscious of how many ways we can find to sin against God and others. But part of our growth is becoming more and more sure of God's acceptance of us. He does not save us because of our spotless lives, but because we are clothed in Christ's righteous garments. Our awareness of our sin is painful indeed, but it is a sweet pain that drives us into the arms of the loving Father. We please Him when we do not leave His side, as Satan the tempter would have us do. We also please Him when we return to Him, something Satan the accuser does his best to prevent. When Satan whispers to the believe, "You, with all your sin, can't be pleasing to God," the believer replies, "Ah, but I am. To God be the glory." (p. 110)

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