Monday, January 26, 2009

5 Bible Translations I Love

1. English Standard Version -- this is my first choice when it comes to reading and studying. I love the ESV. The ESV Study Bible is a must have resource.

2. New King James Version -- I've used NKJV so long now, it feels natural and normal. It's like an pair of old shoes that fit just perfectly.

3. New Living Translation, Second Edition -- The NLT2e is far and away better than the original Living Bible or even the first edition of New Living Translation. There are areas that I think are problematic, but I love reading NLT2e. NLT Study Bible was released last year and it is a good study Bible.

4. New International Version -- I used NIV throughout college. It is an old friend I enjoy spending time with. I've recently started using Today's New International Version and so far, I really like it.

5. New American Standard, 95 Update -- NASB is the most literal Bible available. Excellent for serious, in depth study.

Honorable Mention:

King James Version -- although I don't use KJV on a regular basis, its beauty is unsurpased. I grew up with KJV and deeply apreciate this version.

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