Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Lack of Gifting is No Excuse for Disobedience

I believe God has gifted different believers in different ways.

My friend Jason is a gifted evangelist. I've been with Jason when he struck up a conversation with a stranger and turned it to the Gospel smoothly and easily.

Marilyn is a wonderful woman in the church I pastor. She has the gift of mercy. Several years ago her husband committed suicide. By God's grace, she persevered through it and grew through the experience. Now, she has a vibrant grief support ministry helping dozens of people throughout Longview because she is gifted at showing mercy to those in need.

Johnny and Michelle are two of the most generous people I know. They give freely to bless God's people and help missionaries. They aren't rich but they give richly.

And I could go on naming people and their gifts. We all are gifted differently and we should maximize the abilities, resources, skills, and gifts God has given us for His glory and His kingdom.

I admire and at times have a holy jealousy for these and other people. I wish I could do these good works like they do. God in His wisdom did not see fit to gift me in those ways.

But a lack of gifting is no excuse for disobedience.

As a Christian, I am to be faithful to share the Gospel. Even if I do not have the gift of evangelism.

As a Christian, I am called to be merciful to those around me. Even if I do not have the gift of mercy.

As a Christian, I am called to be a good steward and give to those in need and for Kingdom work. Even if I do not have the gift of giving.

Whatever gift God has given us, we should maximize our use of that gifting. If you have any talent or ability, use it all for God's glory.

But if you aren't gifted in some particular area-- like evangelism, showing mercy, giving to those in need, being a peacemaker, giving exhortation, being an encourager, being a prayer warrior, or any number of other things-- you still have no excuse for not obeying God and doing what He would have you do as a Christian.

Paul told Timothy, "Do the work of an evangelist." I think Paul wrote that to Timothy because Timothy wasn't very good at evangelism. And if you aren't good at something, it is easy to leave it off. But Paul didn't say, "Just do those things you are comfortable doing. Just focus on that little area you really excel at." No, Paul told Timothy to be obedient to Christ and do his Christian duty, whether it was easy or not.

There are many things in the Christian life that don't come easy for me. But my lack of gifting is no excuse for disobedience.

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Sheff said...

I just wish I had half the brain for theology and prayer that you have! We are all gifted at something. I'm just thankful that God places people within His bodies to complete the package! Love ya, brother!